Our Sydney tax lawyers provide expert advice and assistance in all tax disputes

Complying with taxation law can be difficult due to the complexity and frequently changing nature of this area of law. Our experienced Sydney taxation lawyers have an expert understanding to help guide you through these complexities and let you focus on what is important, without fear of legal consequence.

We act on behalf of high net worth individuals and small to medium sized enterprises in and across a variety of industries. We advise on a wide range of tax matters, assist in disputes with the ATO and act in tax prosecutions. In all of our matters, we provide innovative solutions with trustworthy advice that is catered to your individual circumstances.

Who is the ATO?

The Australian Taxation Office is the body responsible for investigating and enforcing tax law in Australia. They investigate and take action against individuals if they are believed to have violated tax laws which can be very stressful, time consuming and expensive.

To ensure your tax obligations are being met or to appeal any ATO decision, it is crucial you seek advice early from a skilled taxation lawyer.

How our Sydney Tax Lawyers can help you

At Butlers, our dedicated team of tax lawyers can assist you with all taxation matters. This includes:

  • Tax Advice
  • Tax Prosecution
  • Tax planning and business structuring
  • ATO Disputes
  • Tax fraud and evasion matters
  • Tax audits, interviews and voluntary disclosures
  • Objections and appeals to the AAT and Federal Court
  • Negotiation with ATO prosecutors
  • Disputes with tax agents, accountants and professional advisors
  • Veteran CSC compensation payments
  • Defending criminal charges

Why you should you choose our Sydney Tax Lawyers?

When it comes to your tax obligations, it is important you have people you can trust advising you on the correct steps.
Our specialist team is led by our director, Kym Butler, who has over 40 years’ experience in tax. As a chartered accountant, Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, he heads a dedicated team with a long history of resolving ATO disputes.
We can act either independently or alongside your accountant to provide expert tax law advice and represent you in ATO Disputes.

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“One of my accounting clients received an incorrect Australian Tax Office decision which amended business and personal tax returns to include previously undisclosed income. I put the client in touch with the Butlers team as I appreciated the complexity of the matter, and knew they were highly experienced in the area. The matter was settled at a conciliation conference, resulting in a significant reduction of the client’s tax liability, penalties and interest. Fantastic result and handling of a complicated matter.”


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