Assisting clients from Newcastle and within NSW for all taxation matters.

Butlers Business Lawyers represents clients from Newcastle, the Hunter and NSW as their tax lawyers for all taxation law matters. Let us handle your tax matters so that you can focus on your life and running your business without fear of negative taxation repercussions. Our clients include high net worth individuals and small to medium sized enterprises across a range of industries. Tax disputes with the ATO can be very stressful, time consuming and expensive. Compliance can be difficult due to the complexity and frequently changing nature of tax law. Our expert team can advise you on your tax obligations, assist you to minimise taxation, and act for you in disputes with the ATO.

How can our expert solicitors and tax lawyers help?

We can act for you in a tax dispute to ensure the best financial outcome for you. We can:

  • Advise on proper tax treatment for any transaction
  • Advise on access to taxation concessions and deductions
  • Advise on taxation planning and business structuring to minimise taxation implications
  • Review your amended assessments or directions from the ATO
  • Advise on opportunities to reduce tax
  • Prepare applications for internal review with the ATO
  • Appeal ATO decisions to the AAT and Federal Court
  • Negotiate payment plans and remission of interest and penalties with the ATO
  • Defend criminal tax charges
  • Represent you at court in tax litigation
  • Assist in disputes with accountants, tax agents and other professional advisors
  • Assist veterans in claiming tax offsets for CSC compensation payments
  • Advise on company and business-related tax issues
  • Advise on tax prosecution
  • Assist with tax audits, interviews and voluntary disclosures
  • Advise on tax fraud and evasion matters

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Why should you come to us?

We have a long history of resolving disputes with the ATO and can intervene on your behalf to help negotiate a positive outcome before your ATO dispute escalates. We can independently advise or act in a matter, or work with your accountant, and provide expert legal advice and representation if you’d like to appeal an ATO tax assessment or other unsatisfactory decision.

All tax matters are overseen by our director, Kym Butler, who has more than 40 years’ of tax expertise.

What is an ATO dispute?

The ATO is responsible for investigating and enforcing tax law and may take action against you if they believe you’ve violated tax law. This may include reviewing, auditing and investigating your tax affairs to ensure that you have complied with your obligations as well as instigating proceedings against you for non-compliance and tax fraud. However, you may have the right to dispute or appeal ATO decisions.

When it comes to dealing with your tax obligations, it is critical that you get legal advice from an experienced tax lawyer so you can effectively comply with them. If you are in a dispute with the ATO, you should contact our experienced team to get legal advice.

Tax Law and ATO Disputes


“Tax Disputes: I’m an executive at a multinational corporation. When I sold most of my employee shares, the ATO charged me thousands in interest. Butlers made a request on my behalf for remission of the interest charges, resulting in a recovery of the full amount. I appreciated how the experienced Butlers team kept me informed at all stages of the process. Great result!”


“One of my accounting clients received an incorrect Australian Tax Office decision which amended business and personal tax returns to include previously undisclosed income. I put the client in touch with the Butlers team as I appreciated the complexity of the matter, and knew they were highly experienced in the area. The matter was settled at a conciliation conference, resulting in a significant reduction of the client’s tax liability, penalties and interest. Fantastic result and handling of a complicated matter.”


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