Our experienced Sydney employment lawyers assist both organisations and individuals on a wide range of matters. 

At Butlers Business Lawyers, we have expert knowledge working as Sydney employment lawyers, acting on behalf of both employers and employees. We take a commercial approach to providing you with employment law advice and provide practical solutions to meet your business needs.

Our expertise in this area includes drafting employment contracts, reviewing current employment contracts, advising on enforceability of employment restraints. We also represent and provide advice to our clients in relation to proceedings and processes relating to the termination of employment or other disputes arising in an employment relationship. Our Employment Lawyers have vast experience working on matters before the Fair Work Commission, Federal Circuit Court and Federal Court of Australia dealing with employment law disputes.

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An Overview of Employment Law

Employment law is the structure of regulations that govern the conduct of employers, employees, contractors, volunteers and other stakeholders in the workplace. The body of legislation that largely regulates employment law in Australia is the Fair Work Act 2009. Employment law is also regulated through other instruments including awards, registered agreements, and contracts of employment.

As an employer, it is important to be aware of legal obligations to ensure you protect the interests of the business and uphold the legal requirements set by the Fair Work Act and other sources of employment law.

For employees, Butlers Business Lawyers can advise you in relation to unfair dismissal proceedings and issues that arise at the end of an employment relationship, discrimination, harassment or workplace bullying that may be faced by employees, the enforceability of restraints in an employment contract and insurance claims.

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Why choose Butlers Business Lawyers?

As one of the leading employment law firms in Sydney, Butlers Business Lawyers provides expert legal advice. Our solicitors have an intricate understanding of the complexities of this area of law and can act on your behalf on a wide range of issues. Whether you need help drafting employment contracts or defending against an unfair dismissal suit, Butlers Business Lawyers can help.

How can our team of employment lawyers assist you?

Our experienced team of employment lawyers have experience in all aspects of employment law and can offer you assistance in all of the following areas:

Our team of Sydney employment lawyers have years of experience in advising the processes and steps involved in terminating employment. Butlers Business Lawyers have put together a Termination of Employment eBook setting out the rights of employees and obligations of employers during this stressful time.

Employment Law FAQs

Whether you are an employee or employer, legal support can help clarify your employment rights and obligations.

If you are concerned about matters such as unfair dismissal, health and safety, discrimination, workers’ compensation, employee entitlements, or casual employment requirements, working with an employment lawyer can protect your interests.

This can vary greatly in employment law. Unfair dismissal claims are limited to 21 days from dismissal, whereas other claims have time limitations of up to 6 years.

An employment lawyer will learn about your issue and hear your concerns. Some preliminary advice is often provided which clarifies your legal rights and obligations in your particular circumstances.

An employment lawyer will outline any applicable time limitations and how much compensation you may be able to recover. They may draft various letters on your behalf, commence dispute resolution, or manage court proceedings depending upon your unique situation.

Changes to employment law to deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been numerous changes made to employment law in Australia to deal with the reduced trade and other restrictions. Our expert team have continued to stay up to date with the changes that have been made to employment law and are able to offer employers and employees advice in relation to the various amendments that have been made to the Fair Work Act 2009.


“We needed a new standard contract for our employees that complied with the relevant award conditions. We wanted a document that was short and easy to understand. Butlers drafted a standard agreement that we could use for our employees and advised on what we needed to do to comply with awards and employment legislation. The team took a practical approach and guided us through this complex area of law.”


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