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Providing expert advice on matters of employment, unfair dismissal and restraint of trade to businesses.

You can count on Butlers Business Lawyers for expert legal advice and representation across all categories of employment law, including unfair dismissal, restraint of trade and employment contracts.

What is Employment Law?

Employment law is a system of rules that regulates the conduct between employers, employees, contractors and volunteers. Many employers face a range of employment law issues such as disputes over unfair dismissal, termination of employment, discrimination and harassment, restraint of trade and insurance claims.

Why should you come to us?

The solicitors at Butlers Business Lawyers provide expert legal advice and can act as your representative through all stages of the employment relationship. That means it’s never too early to come to us, whether you’re a new business seeking professionally drafted employment contracts to protect your business from litigation or need expert defence against an unfair dismissal suit.

How can we help?

Whether you need advice, employment contracts and legal materials drafted by professionals, or legal representation across a range of issues, our experienced team of solicitors can help you through every aspect of employment law.


“We needed a new standard contract for our employees that complied with the relevant award conditions. We wanted a document that was short and easy to understand. Butlers drafted a standard agreement that we could use for our employees and advised on what we needed to do to comply with awards and employment legislation. The team took a practical approach and guided us through this complex area of law.”


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