Our debt recovery lawyers assist Newcastle, Hunter and Sydney businesses efficiently retrieve debts.

Stop writing off bad debts and lost income as a cost of doing business. Take action to collect the money you’re owed. Our solicitors are highly experienced in all aspects of debt recovery, from demands and payment negotiations to litigation.

Because we are a law firm and not a debt collection agency, we don’t charge commissions. We also have the authority to take the matter to court if the bills aren’t paid, meaning debtors usually take our demands seriously.

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Debt Recovery

Want to talk to one of our experienced debt recovery lawyers in Newcastle, the Hunter or Sydney? Call us on (02) 4929 7002, email us or complete an enquiry form.

Will you need to go to court for debt recovery?

Many people avoid making debt recovery claims because they don’t want to go through a court battle. In most matters, our clients are able to protect their cash flow and maximise the amount of money they recover without going to court. Often, we are able to get results with early demands, or we can negotiate a payment plan or settlement.

If the matter does reach litigation, the court can order judgement against the debtor. The judgement may include legal costs and interest. If the debtor does not pay after judgment, a range of procedures may be available to recover the debt, including:

  • Seeking a court order to seize the debtor’s property
  • Seeking a court order to garnish of the debtor’s wages
  • Petitioning the debtor for bankruptcy (for an individual) or winding up proceedings (for a company)

What can Butlers debt recovery solicitors do for you?

We have experience in debt recovery matters for a wide variety of organisations, from employment agencies, to smash repairers, to liquidators. Our debt recovery services include:

  • Issuing letters of demand
  • Obtaining a judgment against debtors
  • Summoning a debtor for oral examination at court to explain their financial position
  • Enforcing judgments using instalment orders, garnishee orders, and bankruptcy or corporate insolvency proceedings
  • Assisting you with risk management in commercial transactions and contractual agreements
  • Representing you in proceedings in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Local Court, District Court and Supreme Court
  • Drafting agreements to protect you from debt recovery issues in the future

Our solicitors at Butlers Business Lawyers are the experts in debt recovery in Sydney and Newcastle. We provide the trusted advice you need and act on your behalf to collect the money that’s owed to you to keep your business on track.

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    Success Stories

    • We recovered unpaid debts from customers to a business that was undergoing liquidation, which resulted in a greater amount of assets available for distribution to creditors on winding up of the business.
    • We recovered unpaid fees for vehicle repair work undertaken by one of our clients by arranging a court-approved payment plan.


    “My business specialises in recruiting healthcare workers for healthcare providers across Australia. When a client didn’t pay, I called Butlers Business Lawyers. I was impressed by the professional, business-like approach taken by the team. Following proceedings in the Local Court, I obtained judgement against the debtor and was repaid for the full amount. Thank you Butlers Business Lawyers!”


    Want to talk to one of our experienced debt recovery lawyers in Newcastle, the Hunter or Sydney? Call us on (02) 4929 7002, email us or complete an enquiry form.