Darby Street Cafes for Coffee with Clients – Our Top Three Picks

Australia is famous around the world for our superior coffee and coveted café culture. Our obsession for deconstructed coffee and smashed avo toast regularly makes global headlines and trendy cities such as New York and Berlin are starting to mimic our café culture.

Therefore, if you work in or nearby Newcastle’s picturesque CBD, its much better to discuss business over a fresh barista-made coffee in one of Darby street’s cafes rather than sipping instant coffee from a questionably washed office mug in your stuffy boardroom.

While a Darby street cafe meeting with a client can be the perfect opportunity to discuss business in a relaxed environment, it’s a mistake to assume that a coffee meeting is casual. An “informal” coffee meeting can leave a lasting impression of how you conduct business.

A survey titled “Secret Killers of Business Success” undertaken by Roy Morgan and commissioned by Servcorp found that 66 percent of those surveyed were unwilling to give a business a second chance if they made a bad first impression. Thus, it’s critical that you choose the perfect Darby street cafe for your coffee meeting. Choosing somewhere that’s cramped, too “alternative” or somewhere that doesn’t cater for dietary requirements could make the meeting uncomfortable and has the potential to leave your client questioning your judgement.

Therefore, we’ve provided our top three Darby street cafes for a business coffee and why we love taking our clients to these venues.

Darby Street Cafe 1: The Hop Factory

The Hop Factory is one of our favourite Darby street Cafes. The first striking thing about the venue is the atmosphere. With high ceilings, skylights, exposed brick and cascading philodendrons, clients are sure to feel immediately relaxed. The venue has a classy industrial vibe matched with a comfortable vintage pub feel. Importantly, the managers have gone for quality over quantity. The tables are refreshingly spaced apart, meaning you can chat business without feeling like surrounding diners are basically joining in on the meeting.

The staff are extremely friendly and happy to cater for all kinds of dietary requirements. Best of all, if you are feeling like a drink that’s a little stronger than a coffee, The Hop Factory offer an impressive portfolio of Hunter Valley Wines, cocktails, spirits, ciders and a fresh range of craft beers – all intently matched to their fresh menu.

Darby Street Cafes for Coffee with Clients

Darby Street Cafe 2: Autumn Rooms

Second on our list of the best Darby street cafes for a business coffee is the Autumn Rooms. The usual first impression of the Autumn Rooms is green, green and more green. The cafe has an impressive array of lush indoor plants that make you feel as if you have stepped into a secret garden – a refreshing change of scenery from the office.

The venue also has a range of interesting tea and coffee choices, from coconut chocolate chai to deconstructed coffee. The Autumn Rooms is a great place to take clients if you’re discussing creative projects or new business ventures. However, beware, the venue can be a little crowded at peak times. You don’t want to find yourself stuck in a corner batting ferns out of your way whilst trying to discuss sensitive business deals.

Darby Street Cafes for Coffee with Clients

Darby Street Cafe 3: Core Espresso

Last on our list of favourite Darby street cafes is Core Espresso. In case you missed it Core Expresso hit international headlines when popular social media account, Brown Cardigan, shared a picture of their “deconstructed Vegemite toast”. The dish comes on breadboard with a quenelle of butter, a smear of Vegemite and a sprinkling of dainty micro herbs. The meal caused a huge social media stir and was decidedly labelled “tasty but ridiculous”.

While some of the social media backlash was negative, Core Espresso, now mildly famous, actually have quite a lot to offer. They have a range of specialty coffees and an impressive natural tea selection. Whilst the venue is quaint, it has the perfect intimate feel and a very trendy vibe.

On top of this, if you are meeting clients who are from out of town, why not take them to try the infamous deconstructed Vegemite toast? Its sure to be a true Newcastle cultural experience and might inject some humour into what could otherwise be a serious business chat.

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