Best Cafes in Newcastle for a Business Coffee

There are plenty of places in Newcastle that can give you a complex coffee with a smooth finish for a great start to your business meeting or catch up.

Hop over to the sleepy industrial island of Carrington and hit the super-relaxed Ground Up Espresso for what might be the region’s best coffee.

Venture over to Hamilton to visit the friendly staff at Rolador for some good coffee and home baked treats.  Next up is Dark Horse Espresso at Wickham. This cafe is a ‘diamond in the rough’ and is known for their brilliant coffee that can get your day off to a good start.

Follow the path of cafes found on Darby Street.  Starting off with Longbench, a spacious cafe that has enough room for your laptop, making it an ideal place to get some work done. Next up is The Depot; this place ticks all the boxes. Coffee is well done and should please the most fastidious. If you head to Darby Street you won’t be let down, there is plenty of choice for everyone and prices are reasonable.

Moving into town, on King Street, Good Brother Espresso Shop is jam-packed with office workers, advertising executives, journalists and solicitors all enjoying the excellent coffee with a consistent pour with a smooth and full bodied flavour.

Escape from four walls and enjoy the relaxing sounds and sights of Newcastle Beach at Estabar. Estabar has the perfect mix of nutritious foods and fresh flavours with beans from Sydney-based Single Origin Roasters in your coffee cup.

On the other side of town, enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat at Merewether Surf House Cafe, whilst soaking up million-dollar views. This cafe is large and perfect for a business catch up of two to 10 people.