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Offering cutting edge legal and accounting services to clients in Newcastle, the Hunter and Sydney.

At Butlers Business & Law, we combine all the expertise and resources of a large accounting and law firm with the accessibility, personal service and client-focused philosophy of a boutique firm.

That means whether you need fast legal advice or a full accounting service, you’ll always have access to our expert knowledge and resources for a personalised solution matched to your specific needs.

Our experienced business accountants provide a complete suite of accounting services and business advice, and our team of leading Newcastle and Sydney business lawyers offer civil and commercial legal advice and assistance to keep your business on the pathway to sustainable growth.

Expert business accountants and advisors

Looking for a business accountant that’s interested in your business? Our experienced accounting team talks daily with our clients and provides fast advice when you need it. We build close relationships with all our clients and deliver a complete suite of accounting services based on a strong working knowledge of your business. You’ll have access to our expert knowledge and resources at all times, and with one point of contact throughout your relationship with us, you’ll always know who to call for the right advice.

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Experienced civil and commercial lawyers

Butlers Business & Law offers a range of civil and commercial legal services for every business need. From drafting contracts and agreements to asset protection, debt recovery, employment law and acting on your behalf in tax disputes and other commercial litigation, we’ll defend your interests and ensure your business is protected against all legal threats. Whether you’re looking for an experienced commercial lawyer to represent you in court, or need legal advice you can trust, Butlers Business & Law is here to help.

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Integrated solutions for growing businesses

Whether you’re looking for an experienced business accountant, need a commercial lawyer in Sydney or Newcastle, or want an integrated accounting and legal service with one point of contact, Butlers Business & Law will deliver a customised solution to match your specific goals and objectives. Our experienced business accountants and commercial lawyers work closely together to provide business guidance you can trust and personalised legal advice based on a deep understanding of your business.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help put your business on the pathway to success.

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